Student Council Competition Question

Thank you to TFW Food Services for sponsoring the Student Council Weekly Competition.

Win one Free lunch by answering a different question correctly each week and giving the answer to the Deputy Principal, Mr. McKeague at 11am on Wednesday morning only.

The first student who gives the correct answer wins!!

COMPETITION QUESTION on Wednesday 22nd May, 2019.


Which architect designed the Pyramide du Louvre?

Previous winners: Destiny Ajayi (5W), Finn Reilly (6W), Seán Durnin (6W), Gavin Meally (4W), Matthew Ajayi (4W), Chimarokem Eriobu (4W), Destiny Ajayi (5W), Hugo Mulligan (4W), Emmanuel Akinla (3R), Vishva Nagappan (4G)

This weeks winner: It could be you!!

Competition Rules:

  1. A different winner each week per school term.
  2. Only one winner, who must hand in the winning docket to the cashier.
  3. Only one item may be selected by the winner as their prize.
  4. Voucher must be used by Friday each week.

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