DGS Online Homework

Dear Parents/Guardians,
In these unprecedented times we are working closely with all the staff to ensure work is set and issued to all students. 
This is available for all students from their teachers through their school Microsoft Office 365 email accounts and through apps such as Edmodo, Microsoft OneNote or other agreed methods with classes before we broke up.
Those students who have engaged are being very well supported by our staff, and the feedback has been very positive. 
We are concerned that a small number of students are not engaging and will fall behind in their studies by not doing so over the medium to long term.  
I therefore ask you to regularly check with your son and daughter as to their level of engagement.  
We will continue to provide support to your child over the coming period until we can physically return to school.  
We look forward to your continued support in ensuring all our students are progressing with their education during the coming period.
Thank you and God Bless.
Kind regards
Jonathan Graham       
Rory McKeague                
Deputy Principal

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Contingency teaching arrangements for students during school closure

Online Learning using DGS Office 365 and Edmodo.

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